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12V or 24V solar powered air conditioner, 12V battery operated air conditioner using hermetic compressor and evaporator.
Dongfar Machinery And Parts 

Bomin Solar Research
SOLARENVELOPETM is BSR's newest solar concentrator technology. The concentrator is a Fresnel lens or mirror equipped with a sun tracking system. Direct light is concentrated by the Fresnel system up to C=100 for lenses (up to C=150 for mirrors) and is used in various ways. 

The low-temperature Stirling engine is being developed for two applications:
SUNPULSETM water, a solar-powered water pump. Various prototypes have been tested since the middle of 1996.  

In 1998 Energy Efficiency installed a solar array for an individual in Temecula California using solar concentrator modules. These solar panels include Fresnel lenses to concentrate sunlight so that a smaller piece of solar panel silicon can be used. However, the use of lenses makes tracking a necessity.

Intermountain Solar Technologies - Everything from Arrays to Wind Turbines. Designed for the Expert and the Beginner.
Intermountain Solar Technologies, Inc.

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The North Carolina Solar Center provides programs and resources that help people throughout North Carolina take advantage of solar energy.
North Carolina Solar Center

Sierra Solar Systems is a Full Service Renewable Energy Outfitter. We have been designing and supplying solar, wind, and micro-hydro electric systems all over the world for over 20 years.

Install a solar roof and during your lifetime you could prevent 34 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Solar PV generated power could provide 10,000 times more energy than the world currently uses.

The term solar architecture refers to an approach to building design that is sensitive to Nature and takes advantage of climatic conditions to achieve human comfort rather than depending on artificial energy that is both costly and environmentally damaging.

This web site discloses new solar technologies which should be freely exploited by international corporations for community scale energy systems. We believe that these technologies are in the public domain outside the USA.
Our objectives include the international commercialization of solar technologies which are less expensive than burning coal.

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Solar Dryer
Solar dryers can be made in different sizes and shapes based on the quantity and type of food to be dried. The size and shape also depend on domestic or commercial use

Provided as information by Northern Arizona Wind & Sun. Much of the information provided here in this and other water pumping articles was furnished by Windy Dankoff, of Dankoff Solar Pumps, and by Solarjack..

El Paso Solar Energy Association
The purpose of this site is to provide practical information on solar energy and energy efficiency. Whether you're designing or building a new home or need more information on solar water heating or heating a swimming pool we hope you find this information helpful.

Solar dish concentrators provide high temperature and high efficiency solar thermal energy at a cost comparable to that of residential TV satellite dish antennas. Evaluating this relationship yields an economic analysis and return on investment for solar energy collectors using mature manufacturing references.

Astralian Renewable Energy Website - Solar hot water
Gas and electric water heaters are one of the single biggest domestic energy users. They can be responsible for up to a third of all energy use, and subsequently, greenhouse gas emissions, in the average Australian home.

Solar Water Distillation
Solar water distillation is one of the simplest and most effective methods of purifying water. Solar water distillation replicates the way nature purifies water

The Nelpa Solar Panel Cooker