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Aquatic Ecosystems Online Store
12 Volt Water Pumps

Algae Control Products UV Lights, Sera Pond Clear,Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Algae Destroyer,Tetra Phosphate Remover, Aqua Shade,Jungle Pond Test Kits
Algae Control Products  

Heat Engines -  External Combustion Engines .

Heat Engine Projects.

Building simple heat engines.

Solar Heat Engines

Videos for Heat Engines

American Solar Energy Society Home page
American Solar Energy Society

Rangen Inc, Aquaculture, General Feeds, Commodities and Transportaion. We provide the best feed for the best price.
Animal and fish feed

Aquacare Catalog
Here you will find some of the products Aquacare offers.

Aquacare Environment

We teach coral farming online so that we can help save the coral reefs from over collection. Learn to grow coral. As people see reef aquariums they will become interested in saving the coral reefs

We design and manufacture large aquarium tanks, also unusual shaped tanks
Aquarium design and manufacturing  

Arizona Aquatic Gardens 1993-2001
Arizona Aquatic Gardens

Comprehensive site that explores various solar energy technologies, including photovoltaics, solar water heating, solar cooking, wind power, solar education materials, solar products, solar services.
Arizona Solar Center  

Automated Aquarium Systems 

Home gardening and landscaping are enjoyable hobbies for many people in North Carolina. If you are among them, you might benefit from a small backyard greenhouse. A greenhouse can be built easily and inexpensively in several hours using simple hand tools and materials available at most building supply stores. This publication presents plans and instructions for an easily constructed greenhouse that costs about \\$100 and may be used for many purposes.
Backyard Greenhouse

Biofuels: Journey to Forever - how to make your own clean-burning biofuel, biodiesel from cooking oil, make an advanced ethanol still, alcohol distillation, renewable energy, glycerine, soap making

Black Pacus are very big Characins. This species requires the same care as its cousin the Redbelly Pacu, except that these fish get twice as large or more. Closely related to the Piranha, they generally lack the aggressive quality of their relatives.
Black Pacu

Tucson Solar Alliance Community Solar Program
The Community Solar Program helps people obtain good, unbiased, noncommercial advice and support in obtaining solar energy and other products and services that provide new ways of living better, at less cost, in greater harmony with the natural environment.

Community Solar Program 

So, you were walking through your local pet shop contemplating the purchase of an aquarium. You could picture in your mind how great it would look in that unused corner of the living room. You measured the "hole" in the décor and knew exactly what you wanted. Then, you're standing there, waiting for the sales person to come over and you suddenly think, "Hey, I could make that! It's just six pieces of glass glued together.
DIY Glass Aquarium Project  

Welcome to THE ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LAB, the World Wide Web site for information regarding the projects and staff of the ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LAB of the University of Arizona.

A fish farm in your backyard.
Surprising as it may seem, modern technology has now developed to the point where it is possible to have a fish farm in the most modest of homes, in one’s garden , greenhouse, or even basement.

Fish Farm in Your Back Yard

Solar hobby greenhouse plans by The Sun Country Greenhouse Company
Free Solar Solar Greenhouse Plans

Frogs, tadpoles, ghost shrimp, crabs, and other critters for sale from, a retail store and fish supplier.
Frogs, Shrimps, and Crabs for Sale

Internet Glossary of Pumps by Russell D. Hoffman mechanical pumps educational engineering glossary centrifugal pumps force pumps suction pumps piston pumps impeller pumps kenetic duplex simplex.
Glossary of Pumps

During the last years the topic of water-purification has gained more and more importance.
Increasing costs for fresh water and effluents require economic solutions. As a solution the Leiblein GmbH offers the baffle plate thickener (also called lamella clarifier or lamella seperator). With the use of the baffle plate thickenerit is possible to clean liquids and to achieve a cycle guide way, which saves water and costs.

GmbH - baffle plate thickener 

Greenhouse Grow Systems
Many of the photos you will see here are from over ten years ago. They are handmade systems and utilize common hardware and materials. While the methods remain relevant many new trays, troughs, reservoirs and other such building materials are commercially available now and will make your job easier. Be creative and build your own variations upon the basic systems shown here.

Greenhouse Systems Photos

Welcome to Grundfos Pumps, United States
We feature the latest in product news, technical answers, documentation downloads, and listings of our direct distributors and business partners. The focus is on products sold in The United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America and The Caribbean.

Grundfos Home Page, US 

Hardy Bog Plants

Home Depot

Jones Fish and Lake Management is a family-owned business with a history of excellence in fish production and lake management.
Jones Fish and Lake Management

Flowforms, revitalise water, oxygenate water, water rejuvenation, water cascades, grey water treatment, sewage treatment, waterfalls, biodynamic preparation treatment, Lemniscate - water moving in a figure of 8, australia water treatment, taking care of water, restoring water, swimming pool water treatment, dairy piggery effluent treatment, bringing life to dam, stagnant water, aquaculture, water sculpture - for gardens, parks, buildings, treating air conditioning plant water, seed germination, enhancement using water from flowforms, flowforms and reed beds.
Living Water Flowforms  

Mississippi State University Extension service, Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station
Mississippi State University

24 Month-Old Paulownia

Buy electric motors and swimming pool / spa pumps at discount prices-complete online catalog. Electric Motors from Leeson, Magnetek, AO Smith, Dayton, Fasco, WEG. Farm duty electric motors. Electric motor to 300HP.
Motor Warehouse

Started in 1989 in upstate New York, the food pantry began by feeding just 2 families who were sent to us by the local school district. Word quickly spread, and within 4 years, the number of families had grown to 6,000 (or about 40,000 people per year, half of whom were children) and we were providing about 1.5 million pounds of food annually for their needs.
One Accord Food Pantry Inc ** NO GOOD **

Basic information for the beginning commercial sprouter.
Organic Sprouting Seeds

Some useful info. about how and why our new pond (actually 2 ponds in 1) was built.
I need to be able to catch them when sold and catching Koi in a small pond is bad enough,a 10' x 12' x 3' pond would make it impossible.There will be a divider in the middle,about 2/3 lenght,with a 10" deep connecting stream so that I can catch them as they swim through it
Our pond

This clarification system employs the counter-current or upflow principle.
Parkson Corporation : Gewe® Inclined Plate Clarifier

PolyDome features polypropylene products for use in raising farm animals such as huts, hutches and nurseries for calves, cattle and pigs, lick tanks, bulk bins, and silo accessories. PolyTank makes acid and aquaculture tanks.
PolyTank, Inc. - Trays

POND VACUUM Designed to remove: Water, Slodge, Dead Algae, Pine Needles, Excess Fish Food & Fish Waste from Water Anywhere
Pond Vacuum

Digital time switch with repeat cycle 24 hour and 7 day settings Six daily start/stop times Multiple one second on/off functions LCD display and LED on indicator Built-in battery backup and manual override Accurate to the second, minute and hour.
Programmable Digital Timer

Heating Water With Solar Energy
Solar water heaters are commonly used as heat sources for radiant floor systems. Normally, a large solar heated storage tank (with electric, gas, or oil backup) supplies hot water to the radiant system and most often provides for domestic needs as well.

Radiant Floor Company

Frequently Asked Questions
Providers of radiant heating products, free radiant underfloor heating design, and free technical services for the do-it-yourselfer. We manufacture and sell ready to install radiant heating installation packages.

Radiant Floor Company

Prices and Sample Quote
What will it cost to install a radiant floor in your home? You can get a pretty good idea by viewing our price sheet and sample quotes. After that, it's a simple matter of filling out our Getting Started form and we'll design a system and quote you a of charge.

Radiant Floor Company 

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The PROsine 1800 true sine wave power inverter sets a new benchmark for performance and value in the inverter catagory. Based on a 'clean-sheet' design approach, the inverter breaks new ground in form and function, and distances itself from competitive products in the performance arena.
12V Remote Switch for Power Inverter Allows you to switch your power inverter on or off from up to 15 feet away. Plugs directly into pin jack on power inverters with appropriate socket. Works with PortaWattz 1750 Power Inverter and PortaWattz 1000 Power Inverter.

Radio Skack - Power Inverters

Household Renewable Energy Supplies & Services,
Natural Craft products - for low-impact sustainable lifestyles - your Earth-friendly Shop
Rainbow Trading Post

Welcome to SEPA
The Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) is a collaboration of utilities, energy service providers and the photovoltaic industry working together to create and encourage commercial use of new solar electric power business models. SEPA helps to establish standards for photovoltaic systems and their interconnection to the utility grid, hosts cross-industry workshops, and manages educational and outreach campaigns
Solar Electric Power Website

Solar Energy and Photovoltaics by ASE Americas
When buying PV, click here for the right questions to ask.

Solar Energy and Photovoltaics by ASE Americas

Solar Radiation Data
This data is primarily intended for the siting, specification, and sizing of solar energy equipment. Other climatological data is also available from this database, such as heating degree days, temperatures, and precipitation.

Solar Radiation and Climate Data

A typical Solar-Tec Systems pool heating system in southern California for an in-ground 18' x 36' swimming pool costs about *\\$4,520 fully installed. It would include automatic temperature controls, is easily maintained by the home owner, is reliable and uses solar energy, a clean renewable energy resource. The solar pool heater would pay for itself in just a few years.
Solar-Tec Systems Solar Pool Heating

All of the SRAC Fact Sheets are in the form of Adobe Acrobat pdf files. You will need to install the Acrobat Reader for your operating system to access these files.
Texas A&M University serves as the Lead Institution for our SRAC extension project which produces and distributes SRAC publications. Copies of all SRAC Fact Sheets can be downloaded below or at


Do it yourself greenhouse supplies, hobby greenhouse, how to build greenhouse plans, supplies, sunrooms, sun room, solariums, sunspace, conservatory, skylights, solar heating, solar structure.

SunLine Solar Electric Power Systems
Premium Power for your home or small business
The SunLine line of complete pre-engineered solar electric power systems from AstroPower delivers premium power to operate your home or small business:

SunLine Residential Power Systems

Liner custom fabricated for any vessel,primary and secondary containment, pits, ponds, storage tanks, etc.. any size, installation crew available.
Tank Liner, Pit Liner, Pond Liners

This page is dedicated to the use of producer gas to run vehicles.
The Gengas Page 

Everything for your water garden except the water! How to build a water garden, care for aquatic plants, select a filter, select a pump, care for koi and goldfish. Free eMail newsletter for water gardeners. Tabletop Fountains by Art Matters. Brass Garden Fountains by Brass Baron.
The Water Garden

University of the Virgin Islands, Water Resources, Caribbean Writer, Small Business, Agriculture Research, Eastern Caribbean, Cooperative Extension
UVI Research and Public Service