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How to build and maintain garden ponds and other water features in the garden.  LOWE'S
ow to build and maintain garden ponds

Welcome to ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LAB of the University of Arizona.

Water Test is the smallest portable water testing laboratory in the world!
Automated Aquarium Systems

Texas A&M University serves as the Lead Institution for our SRAC extension project which produces and distributes SRAC publications. Copies of all SRAC Fact Sheets can be downloaded below.

Listening to customers. Meeting their needs. Simple Ideas? Sure. But they've been our guiding principals from the very beginning.
Animal and fish feed

Programmable Digital Timer

The Clearwater Pond Vacuum removes leaves, pine needles, small gravel, dead algae and sludge safely from water anywhere without the use of moving parts.
Pond Vacuum

This Glossary of Pumps is from ALL ABOUT PUMPS by Russell D. Hoffman.
Glossary of Pumps

Online store for water garden plants.
The Water Garden

Flowforms are vessels that seek to emulate the swirls and vortices of the mountain stream. The Flowforms are made from cast concrete.
Living Water Flowforms

PENN STATE Collage of Agricutural Siences.
Collage of Agricutural

Jones Fish and Lake Management is a family-owned business with a history of excellence in fish production and lake management.
Jones Fish and Lake Management

Immediately stops algae growth & destroys existing algae.
Does not harm fish or effect the growth of plants.
Algae Control Products

Dehumidification | Water Damage Restoration | Ventilation | Heat Recovery Water Heaters | Swimming Pools & Spas | Indoor Air Quality | Data Logging | Allergy Control | Publications.
Therma-Stor Products

Aquacare Catalog
Here you will find some of the products Aquacare offers.
Aquacare Environment

TN WaterWorks will be adding and changing products, so visit us often to see what's new!
Hardy Bog Plants

University of the Virgin Islands
The Agricultural Experiment Station is one of the two units that carry out the Land Grant functions of the University.
UVI Research and Public Service

System Components

Some useful info. about how and why our new pond (actually 2 ponds in 1) was built.
Our pond

Hi! My name is Joel Johnson and I am the authority
on large custom acrylic aquarium tanks here at SAN DIEGO PLASTICS.
We manufacture custom acrylic aquarium tanks.
Aquarium design and manufacturing

Aquacuture Hydroponic Ponds Education Lakes Aquriums Specials
12 Volt Water Pumps

Missippi State University
Missippi Agricultural and Foresty Experiment Station
Mississippi State University  

Build a fish tank

Welcome to the Do-It Yourselfer's Aquarium Club, you've just made the grade. 
DIY Glass Aquarium Project ** NO GOOD FIXED NOW **



This page lists the Critters such as frogs, tadpoles, crabs, and ghost shrimp for sale in our hatchery.
Frogs, Shrimps, and Crabs for Sale

Custom Fabricated Liners for Lining of Vessels
Tanks, Pits, Ponds, Lagoons, Reservoirs, Berms, Sumps, Landfills, etc.
Tank Liner, Pit Liner, Pond Liners

We Are The World's Premiere Tropical Plant Discounter.
Arizona Aquatic Gardens

Calling a greenhouse solar is somewhat redundant, since all greenhouses are solar heated to some extent. The greenhouse itself traps the heat each day, as anyone who has been inside a greenhouse for just a few minutes on a sunny day knows. But although a traditional greenhouse acts as a natural solar collector on sunny days, it does not retain the sun's heat at night. Consequently, 75 to 80 percent of the cost of heating a greenhouse by conventional energy sources is expended at night.
Free Solar Solar Greenhouse Plans

Since 1975, The Victory Garden has been providing viewers with a wealth of practical gardening advice, as well as entrée into the world's most spectacular gardens to meet the dedicated gardeners behind the aesthetics.
Victory Garden Online

As the leading supplier of polycarbonate sheet for roofing and glazing applications in North America.

"Learn Abouts" provide product information and advice to help
you make better buying decisions.
Home Depot

We are specialist suppliers of Lexan® Thermoclear® Multi Wall Polycarbonate Sheet.
Stereon Limited - Lexan® Thermoclear® Multi Wall Polycarbonate Sheet

Build-It-Yourself or add to your existing structure using....
Polycarbonate, Fans, Shade Cloth, Heating & Misting Equipment.

Journey to Forever - how to make your own clean-burning biofuel.

This page provides links to a wide range of sources of information on alternative fuels, external combustion engines and alternative technologies.
Alternative Fuels

A Paulownia Tree in full sun can grow 12 feet during its first year!
24 month Paulownia

A Small Greenhouse for around \\$100 that you can use for the first year or two.
Backyard Greenhouse

Welcome to Grundfos Pumps, United States
We feature the latest in product news, technical answers, documentation downloads, and listings of our direct distributors and business partners.

Grundfos Home Page, US

This clarification system employs the counter-current or upflow principle.
Parkson Corporation

The most practical products, at the industry's best prices, shipped the same day. Home Page



 AC power from a 12V source, such as a battery.
Radio Skack - Power Inverters

This is your source for information on solar energy in Arizona. 
Arizona Solar Center

This data is primarily intended for the siting, specification, and sizing of solar energy equipment. Other climatological data is also available from this database, such as heating degree days, temperatures, and precipitation.
Solar Radiation and Climate Data

Welcome to SEPA
The Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) is a collaboration of utilities, energy service providers and the photovoltaic industry working together to create and encourage commercial use of new solar electric power business models.
Solar Electric Power Website

An On-Line Electric Motor / Pool Pump Catalog at Discount Prices
Motor Warehouse

Tucson Solar Alliance Community Solar Program
Community Solar Program

American Solar Energy Society's National Tour of Solar Homes.
American Solar Energy Society

ASE offers thin-film and space cell technology.
For more details visit the ASE GmbH web site
Solar Energy and Photovoltaics by ASE Americas

Radiant Floor Heating - The Ultimate In Comfort

Radiant heat is actually an old technology.
Radiant Floor Company - HOME PAGE

One of the most cost-effective uses of solar energy is to heat a swimming pool.
Solar-Tec Systems Solar Pool Heating


Mumm's Organic Sprouting Seeds
Here is some information we've put together for the beginning or small scale commercial sprouter.
Organic Sprouting Seeds


Black Pacus are very big Characins. This species requires the same care as its cousin the Redbelly Pacu, except that these fish get twice as large or more.
Black Pacu

Aquaculture Polytanks Trays
PolyTank, Inc. - Trays

 Seed company URLS request, was Re: seeds

Title: B & T World Seeds

Title: Burpee

Title: Ed Hume Seeds Garden Site

Title: Peaceful Valley

Title: Richters

Title: Jan Blum Seed

Title: Thompson Morgan

Title: J.W. Jung Seed Company - Jung Quality Seeds, URL:

Title: Johnny's Selected Seed

Title: Pinetree Home Page

Title: Redwood City Seed Company price list
Redwood City Seed Company

Title: Seed Sources for Salad Gardeners

Title: Stokes Seeds

Title: Territorial Seed Company

Title: The Bethlehem Seed Company
The Bethlehem Seed Company

Title: Thompson and Morgan Ltd

Title: Ledden Brothers

Title: Totally Tomatoes

Title: Vesey's Seeds Ltd

Title: Victory Seed Company

Title: Willhite Seed

Title: Sheffield's Seed Company

Filaree Farm
182 Conconully Hwy.
Okanogan, WA 98840

Garlic specialist.
Catalog \\$2.

Otis S. Twilley Seed Company
121 Gary Rd.
Hodges, SC 29653