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Actual hydroponic shortcuts, hydroponic money-saving tips, ideas for hydroponic profit
Because of this site and its sponsor, nearly 25,000 people around the world are enjoying the benefits of independence derived from growing plants and food hydroponically.

Actual hydroponic shortcuts, hydroponics money-saving tips 

Nelson/Pade Multimedia publishes the Aquaponics Journal, school curriculums and info on hydroponics, aquaponics and aquaculture via videos, books, CD-Roms
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Home gardening and landscaping are enjoyable hobbies for many people in North Carolina. If you are among them, you might benefit from a small backyard greenhouse. A greenhouse can be built easily and inexpensively in several hours using simple hand tools and materials available at most building supply stores. This publication presents plans and instructions for an easily constructed greenhouse that costs about \\$100 and may be used for many purposes.
Backyard Greenhouse

Biofuels: Journey to Forever - how to make your own clean-burning biofuel, biodiesel from cooking oil, make an advanced ethanol still, alcohol distillation, renewable energy, glycerine, soap making

Foothill Hydroponics: Everything you need for indoor growing, from nutrient to grow lights, to rockwool and even free help!
Foothill Hydroponics: Indoor growing

Free hydroponic garden construction plans & Hydroponic gardening information.
Grow - Tech : Make your own Hydro Equip.

Publications of the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) Program
of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences - Cornell University

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The Fisheries AquaRanchTM systems offered are the best for water clarity and ease in cleaning. The AC Fecal/Particle Clarifier is absolutely the best at removing the solids in the most efficient way. The clarifier, along with a high quality bio trickle filter, helps in keeping the Ammonia and Nitrites under control.
Harvest Moon Hydroponics

The world leader in hydroponics, with 24 retail locations and worldwide mail order service!
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Hydro-Gardens serving the hydroponic,greenhouse and vegetable industry since 1968.
Hydro-Gardens Hydroponic and Greenhouse supplier

Hydroponic Stores, hydroponic information, and Hydroponic nutrient manufacturers. Largest on the NET
Hydroponic Nutrient Solution Guide offers only the best, proven hydroponic equipment and horticultural lights. Products by General Hydroponics, Hydrofarm, Sunlight Supply, Green Air Products, and Stealth Lights can be found and purchased right here, right now.
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Hydroponics, including hydroponic systems, nutrients and supplies from major manufacturers including Hydrofarm, American Hydroponics and General Hydroponics.
Hydroponic Systems and Supplies from Home Harvest

Practical, accurate information on hydroponic methods forgrowing tomatoes, including nutrient solution recipes, media, greenhouses, natural pest control,diseases, and an interactive pruning quiz.
Hydroponic Tomatoes Home Page

Grower secrets for starting up a home based or commercial hydroponic (indoor gardening) plant business. Ideas for hydroponics startup, maintenance, production, marketing and hydroponic greenhouses.
hydroponics greenhouse secrets

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Hydroponic & aeroponic garden plans - download now and get started today - we also have hydroponic nutrients, hydroponic lighting and hydroponics supplies.
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Hydroponics Australia - Practical Hydroponics and Greenhouses Magazine. Hydroponics, aquaponics and greenhouse magazine for commercial and hobby growers, irrigators, horticulturists, researchers, educators and merchants!.
Practical Hydroponics and Greenhouses

We specialiise in servicing both the commercial and hobby markets in the hydroponics industry. With 25 years experience, we are able to help satisy all your product and service requirements.and help you solve any problems.
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Simply Hydroponics and Organics Online is working hard to supply you with the most complete hydroponic product catalog on the web, although the catalog is still under construction there are many items currently showcased in this on-line catalog.
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Windowsill Wonder
Anyone can build a simple, automated hydroponic system without spending a lot of money. This system is compact enough to fit on a kitchen windowsill--although it can easily be expanded to accommodate any growing plant collection. All the materials that are needed for this system can be found at discount superstores, aquarium supply stores, or hardware stores for under \\$25.

The Growing Edge - Windowsill Wonder

Get into the flow of the future!
Hydroponics spans the spectrum of growing--from amazingly simple setups that you can build from materials lying around your home to high-tech, computer-controlled super systems. And hydroponics isn't just for commercial growers and NASA researchers. You can build your own system and get on your way to producing homegrown foods today!

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A Hidroponia pode ser Inorgānica, Organo-Inorgānica ou Orgānica / Hydroponics can be Inorganic, Organic-Inorganic or Organic

Asian and Exotic Vegetables
Ipomoea aquatica
Chinese: Ung Choy, Yeung Choy | English: Convolvulus |
Filipino: Kang Kung
The plant is marketed in bundles, resembling European water-cress, with small leaves attached to the main stem. Water Spinach can be grown in water or in moist beds on land.