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Odour control in composting is possible with award-winning biofilter



There's nothing worse than a pile of dead fish. Except maybe a pile of the leftover parts of dead fish - heads, tails, internal organs and all that. Disposing of this waste is a problem for anyone who cleans and processes fish, from big commercial food processors to small sport-fishing operations.
Fish-Waste Composting

Remember the massive flooding along the Mississippi River in 1993? One of the casualties of a flash flood in central Missouri that summer was a group of 20,000 turkeys!
The Missouri Department of Natural Resources advised the turkey farm owner that composting would be the easiest and safest way to dispose of the carcasses.
Composting Drowned Turkeys

A new project to evaluate composting cattle, hogs and sheep carcasses has started at the University of Minnesota's Southern Experiment Station, Waseca.
Composting is the natural way to dispose of dead animals

Composting is the key to any successful gardening. Mother nature has been composting since the beginning of time. But man has not been able to wait on her time schedule.

To design a sustainable agricultural sector, the outputs from each production enterprise must become inputs to other enterprises just as in nature. Everything in the natural system is food to something else. We have not yet succeeded in mimicking this efficiency in our agricultural system.
Worms for Composting