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How to build and maintain garden ponds and other water features in the garden.
Ponds and Water Features

 How to Build A Water Garden or Fish Pond

Welcome to Fishdoc - the home of fish health and fish disease diagnosis and treatment.

How to Care for Freshwater Fish



Follow these 4 easy steps. Blue Green Algae is a living organism.
With just a little time and effort you will soon be on your way to
enjoying the benefits.
Grow Your Own Blue Green Algae

Please use this web site as a resource to get started learning how to grow spirulina.
How to Grow Spirulina

Greenwater tank culture is an intensive production technology suitable for a tropical, semi-arid environment.
Greenwater Tank Culture of Tilapia


The family of duckweeds (botanically, the Lemnaceae) are the smallest flowering plants. To learn more about these fascinating plants.
The Charms of Duckweed

One alternative to stocking bluegills and redear sunfish in farm ponds is to use hybrid sunfish (bream).
Managing Hybrid Sunfish

The growing tips of mature tomato plants are cut off, placed in these little pots and held in place by "grow rocks" used in hydroponics. 
Viseos forThe Tomato Cloner

Another List of Aquaponics related links.
Aquaponics related links

Immediately stops algae growth & destroys existing algae.
Does not harm fish or effect the growth of plants.
Algae Control Products

Mendocino Sea Vegetable Company
Quality Wildcrafted North American Sea Vegetables.
Sea Vegetable Product

Recommended Crops and Fish in Aquaponics
The fish and plants you select for your aquaponic system should have similar needs as far as temperature and pH.
Aquaponics Food Produciton

Florida's first commercial inland freshwater marine shrimp farm.
OceanBoy Farms Inc.

The source for information on aquaponics, hydroponics and aquaculture.
Aquaponics / Hydroponics / Aquaculture

Here at we specialize in bringing our products to you, the grower, at discounted prices!

California Aquaculture
University of California Davis
New Publications! - pond fertilization, phytoplankton, raceway settling basins, recreational pond species selection and stocking densities.
California Aquaculture

We're reinventing the family farm for the 21st Centry.

Earth Food Spirulina
Will we be eating algae in the 21st century? | Earth Food Spirulina

Alternative fuels, alternative shelters, alternative foods and alternative
ethnobotanicals for your aesthetic survival from
EcoGenics Research Center

Genetic Computation Ltd aquaculture genetics breed improvement for tilapia, salmon, shrimp
Genrtic Computation Limited