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Measures ammonia, nitrites, water hardness, chlorine, and pH tests. Accurate readings. Used professionally. Comes with test tubes, test solutions, test tube rack, and easy to read manual. Easy to use - fill up test tube with pond water to water line and add a specific amount of drops of test solution in test tube. Compare the color of solution in test tube with chart included in manual.
Master Pond Test Kit

We offer a complete line of garden pond supply.
Garden Pond Supply

Welcome to DripWorks, the best source for quality drip irrigation and micro irrigation supplies for home owners, landscapers, greenhouse watering and farmers.

Join the space-age world of hydroponics! Complete
supplier to the commercial and hobby hydroponic grower

Poly tank; round w/ sloping bottom 950 gal. blue
These have a unique 20¡ sloping bottom with 14 in. diameter center drain area which allows for superb self cleaning action (drain hole not cut).

Holding Tanks, Poly Tanks

These tanks have all the benefits of our flat-bottom tanks with the advantage of a conical bottom. A 20 degree cone-bottom forces high solids to be removed from the bottom continuously. This allows for our tanks to be self cleaning for months at a time.
Polytank, Inc.


"technical specialists in the worldwide field of aquaculture"
AquaSol, Inc.

The purpose of this website is to introduce our company. We describe some of our most popular goods and services. But we take pride in supplying nearly anything for the aquaculturist.
Miami Aqua-culture, Inc.

This is an informative and didactic page, and it was written for you to have a first contact with Modern Hydroponic technologies, as well as with other subjects related to it.
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Hydroponics as a Hobby
Growing Plants Without Soil

Vertical Gardening and Hydroponics are our specialty, the Verti-Gro Systems provide for very high density production for the Commecial Grower and space saving for the hobbyist or casual home Gardener. Anyone can assemble and operate our Vertical Gardens.

Math Forum Internet Mathematica Library

Geodesic Dome Design Software
DOME is a freeware DOS utility I am developing for generating the coordinates of a geodesic dome or sphere. The zip archive includes a DOS executable, C++ source code & Unix/Linux defines for those who want to brave the cross-platform chasm.

Geodesic Domes  

A geodesic dome is a type of structure shaped like a piece of a sphere or a ball. This structure is comprised of a complex network of triangles that form a roughly spherical surface. The more complex the network of triangles, the more closely the dome approximates the shape of a true sphere [sic].
Geodesic Dome

Welcome to the 2010 online catalog for R.H. Shumway's Seeds.
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R.H. Shumway's Seeds.

The work describes a novel approach for sustained photobiological production of H2 gas via the reversible hydrogenase pathway in the green algae.
Plant Physiology

Backyard Fish Farming by Paul Bryant

Aquaculture & Seafood Links

Aquaculture attempts to produce marketable fish under controlled conditions, especially by providing clean water, oxygen, and feed. In closed recirculating systems water treatment is accomplished by removal of solid waste and the biological breakdown of nitrogenous metabolites.

Freshwater crayfishes occupy all manner of North American freshwater habitats ranging from ephemeral wetlands to large rivers and lakes. Several species are commonly encountered in low-salinity regions of coastal estuaries.
Fisheries - American Fisheries Society

Closed" Systems
Aquatic ECO-Systems, Inc.


Biofilters for Freshwater Crayfish Purging Systems

Marron, and other Western Australian freshwater crayfish, may be successfully kept in small backyard pools.
Keeping Marron in Backyard Pools

Atlas Publications offers several unique publications for the homesteader, and anyone who may be interested in raising crayfish for food and profit and/or installing an efficient ram pump. The books listed below are available through Grove Enterprises, distributors for Atlas Publications.
Atlas Publications.

The Shrimp Aquaculture Research Group at the University of Victoria was formed to study the rapid and wide-ranging development of shrimp farming worldwide.
University of Victoria Shrimp Aquaculture Research Group

The Free Online Aquaculture Dictionary Over 2,500 aquaculture definitions including 280 tables, 250 pictures and 120 calculations !

Recirculating systems are playing an increasingly important role in the world of aquaculture. These systems are used by both educational and commercial growers alike throughout the United States. Each of our packages is designed for years of use and come with all the necessary components needed to start raising fish.
Pond Solutions

FISH FARMING Systems & Equipment
Aquaculture Technology

Gih Hwa Enterprise, Co., Ltd. has established since 1960, and specialized in the fields of aquaculture, agriculture and animal husbandry. Our products can be classified as following: **  OK **


KEETON INDUSTRIES is based in Fort Collins, Colorado. We have consulted in both fisheries, and the aquaculture fields for over 29 years and have worked with federal, state and local govermental agencies as well as the private sector throughout the U.S. and overseas.
Keeton Industries

Welcome to ARIZONA AQUACULTURE, the World Wide Web site for information regarding aquaculture in Arizona.

Aeration Industries International, Inc.

The Use of Agricultural Limestone and Gypsum in Ponds

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Thousands of customers worldwide use patented AquaMats® Technology to improve aquatic eco-systems. AquaMats® are stringently tested for maximum durability and environmental safety. We are proud that AquaMats® provide an important and environmentally-friendly contribution in many aquatic applications.

The Food Insects Newsletter, Inc.

I have been working in aquaculture and fisheries ever since finishing university in 1981 and have had long-term assignments in Zambia, Ireland, Malawi and Bangladesh. Since 1996, I have been based in Scotland, carrying out short-term assignments as an independent consultant in aquaculture, fisheries and practical training. In the last year the main jobs have been: (click on the hyperlinks for more information and pictures)
Dr Malcolm Dickson Aquaculture and Fisheries Consultancy Services

Shrimp Production in the CNMI
The CNMI Aquaculture Industry has begun steering its attention towards Shrimp production for numerous reasons. Some reasons include, but are not limited to, the increasing demand for shrimp and the improvements in farming techniques, allowing farmers to grow marine shrimp in low salinity water or city water. In addition, the grow-out cycle of shrimp is also shorter than growing fish.

NMC-CNMI CREES Aquaculture 


Green House Plans

Southern Regional Aquaculture Center Publication--Economics of Recirculating Aquaculture Systems, a Spreadsheet for Individual Analysis

Aquaculture Equipment & Designs for the 21st Century!
Keeton Industries

Filtration Topics (Aquaculture)

Hays Pumps once again defines its lead in the industry with the release of the Quantum Variable Speed Booster Pump.

"Hatchery International focuses on a specific part of the aquaculture industry that has a thirst for new technology and information.
Hatchery International Magazine

The Business Search Engine (Fish)

The College is composed of eight academic departments, each of which is responsible for its own web page(s) including design and content. If you have a comment about a specific department's page, please contact the respective department.
AUBURN UNIVERSITY College of Agriculture

Welcome to the Department of Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures, Auburn University web site. The fisheries program at Auburn University was started by Dr. Homer Swingle and his colleagues in the early 1930s.
Department of Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures, Auburn University web site

Private Sewage Disposal Systems - Septic
Drawing Library

Northern Arizona Wind & Sun is one of the oldest and most experienced solar electric companies in the US.
Northern Arizona WIND & SUN

Your genuine pump house. Over 13 Years of Pump Experience to Serve You!
Pump World

Biorealis Systems, Inc. is an Alaskan professional corporation providing R&D, ecological engineering, and energy management consulting services, with particular emphasis on the practical application of small scale appropriate technologies and designs which emulate natural biological systems.
Biorealis Systems, Inc.

Matched transportable skid-mounted modules providing a complete on-site wastewater treatment solution (including flush toilet, disinfected secondary quality effluent suitable for surface discharge); and clean, reliable, utility-quality (or better) electric power for single family residences in locations lacking such infrastructure and/or where it is not feasible to extend existing utilities to the site.

Fully Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters
FILTOMAT® filters are the most technically innovative self-cleaning filters available on the market, combining high performance, reliability, durability and economy in a compact design

Aquaculture, or fish farming, is a fast-growing industry in the U.S. This growth is due to several interrelated factors. First, commercial fishing is rapidly depleting wild stocks in the oceans.
College of Agriculture and Home Economics New Mexico State University

Alternative Farming Systems Information center Aquaculture Resources

Welcome to AFSIC, one of several Information Centers at the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Agricultural Library.

AQUACULTURE SUPPLY, founded in October 1984, is unique among aquaculture suppliers.

Cellpharm has a complete range of products to grow micro-algae and other plankton. We supply uni-algal cultures in small or large quantities and a range of easy to use all-in-one culture nutrients for maximum algal production.

Aquaculture-Related Internet links

"Quality Tilapia Fingerlings & Hatchery Products"
Aquasafra means water harvest in several Latin based languages. Aquasafra is owned and operated by hands-on, career hatchery managers

Tilapia Hatchery Management and Fingerling Production

This Electronic home page is yet another way we are taking in our efforts to reach out to our national clientele and to the great Internet public.
Republic of the Philippines DEPAREMENT OFAGRICULTURE

Who We Are...
The PACIFIC REGIONAL AQUACULTURE INFORMATION SERVICE for EDUCATION (PRAISE) is a program, implemented under the USDA Regional Aquaculture Center Program.


The QSP filters were designed primarily for Koi ponds and moderate scale aquaculture systems.
QuikSand QSP-1 & 2 Filters

The Air-Max is designed for years of reliable service. Its intake can be located as deep as seven feet below the surface.

Your Guide to Aquarium Resources on the Internet

Alphabetical Listing of Aquaculture Suppliers
The Source

We believe that renewable energy is inevitable, clean and market ready. You can benefit by reducing your "energy overhead" which means that you can lessen the amount of energy and money required to operate your dwelling now and in the future.
Renewable Energy of Plum Hollow Inc.

Our equipment and systems are used in industries including Aquaculture, Zoos/Aquariums, Pet/Aquarium Stores, Marinas/Canal Recovery, Educational Facilities, Lakes and more.
Welcome to AREA!

Supplier of Equipment and Technology to the Shellfish and Finfish Aquaculture Industries.

Beach Hydro Farm

Publications from the NDSU Extension Service

Pennyfish Breeder Colony
A fast-growing, low maintenance food fish for the home hobbyist, teacher, or serious aquaculturist.

The Aqua Store 

Publications of Utah State University Extension are fact sheets and bulletins designed to provide helpful information. Publications in electronic format, not designated as html, require Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

The following Aquaculture articles have been received for publication on this site. If you would like your marterials published here, e-mail them to Aquafind for inclusion on this page.

Aquafind allows users unrestricted access to our database, free of charge, in order to make specific searches for fish species, aquaculture equipment suppliers, or aquaculture service suppliers.

In its natural habitat if feeds on seeds and fruit. It has been introduced into intensive contained fish breeding with excellent results for growth and commercialization.
MATRINCHÃ: (Brycon Cephalus):

This course is still in development. We will begin posting a completion date when the final release is ready.
Getting started in Freshwater Aquaculture

UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences