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    The Aeroponic system is probably the most technologically advanced of all of the hydroponic systems.
    Up to a certain point, it is similar to the N.F.T., with nutrients supplied through Humid Air, or as a fine mist.
    In this system, the roots remain suspended and immersed in a Culture Chamber, or Growing Chamber, where they are sprayed with a mist of nutrient solution at short intervals, usually every few minutes.
    As in all hydroponic systems, the solution is taken from its supply tank by a pump controlled by an extremely precise timer calibrated for very short irrigating cycles, renging from seconds to minutes.
    Like the N.F.T system, the aeroponic system is highly susceptible to energy and pump failures.
    If energy or pump interruptions occur, the plants’ roots will dry extremely quickly resulting in total loss.
    The spraying of the nutrient solution can be done by medium or high pressure nozzles, by high pressure foggers, by ultra-sonic foggers or even by centrifugal foggers.
    Another major problem in aeroponic systems is the blocking of the orifices in the nozzles and high pressure foggers.
    Its prymary application is in the production of shoots and edible sprouts.