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Aquaponic Parameters for Indigenous Species

The grass carp, also known as the white amur, is a vegetarian fish native to the Amur River in Asia. Because this fish feeds on aquatic plants, it can be used as a biological tool to control nuisance aquatic plant growth.
Grass Carp

Commercial Fish Producers Offering Triploid Grass Carp to West Virginia.
Grass Carp

This species is an aggressive feeder which does well in fresh and slightly brackish water (< 1 ppt).

Sometimes called Channel Bass or Red Fish, this near shore species may reach 100 pounds in weight.
Red Drum

The Red Tilapia is the product of years of work with this extremely hardy and efficient species.
Red Tilapia

This Atlantic sparid is found around jetties, rock bars and other natural or artificial reefs.

This estuarine species inhabits the Atlantic Coast from New York to Texas.

This inshore fish is tolerant of wide swings in salinity. They do well in completely freshwater or hypersaline conditions.

This fish is an extremely popular sport fish as well as food fish. It is found in fresh and slightly brackish systems where it can grow to 20 pounds.

Yellow perch are the most popular food fish of the Great Lakes region of the U. S. However, the fish consumed in that region are all wild caught.
Yellow Perch

Nearly 300,000 tons of channel catfish will be produced and marketed in North America this year.
Channel Catfish

Striped Bass, native to the Atlantic coast of the United States, are anadromous; that is, they live in saltwater but migrate into freshwater to spawn.
Striped Bass